The Trunk Monkey is truly one of the most memorable and effective advertising campaigns ever developed for the auto industry. Monkeys are funny. Monkeys are adorable. and yes, monkeys can sell cars! Call today to find out how the Trunk Monkey can work for your dealership!

The Trunk Monkey campaign is one of the most successful advertising campaigns created for the auto industry. This award winning ad campaign has run in over 50 markets across the U.S. and Canada and has helped countless auto dealers obtain high levels of awareness in their market.

Syndicating the Trunk Monkey campaign is easy and cost effective. It’s a “plug and play” campaign, a complete package of proven marketing materials to drive traffic to your showroom.

Included in our Trunk Monkey syndicated campaign

  • Exclusive usage in the purchased DMA for 1 year (license is renewed annually)
  • Use of Trunk Monkey TV spots
  • Bonus collateral marketing material (templates for t-shirts, bumper stickers, banners, window clings, etc.)

In a recent research study, it was reported that 72% of customers bought a car from one of the first 2 dealerships that came to mind -- being one of the most memorable ad campaigns ever developed for the auto industry, the Trunk Monkey ensures that your dealership will be REMEMBERED!

Have questions about the Trunk Monkey? Give us a call, we’d be glad to answer any of your questions.

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